OfxMessageSuiteV2::setPersistentMessage — Post a persistent message on an effect, using printf style varargs, and set error states. New for V2 message suite.


#include "ofxMessage.h" 
OfxStatus (*setPersistentMessage) ( void * handle ,
  const char * messageType ,
  const char * messageId ,
  const char * format ,
  ... ) ;


  • handle - effect instance handle the message should be associated with, may NOT be null,
  • messageType - string describing the kind of message to post, should be one of...
    • kOfxMessageError
    • kOfxMessageWarning
    • kOfxMessageMessage
  • messageId - plugin specified id to associate with this message. If overriding the message in XML resource, the message is identified with this, this may be NULL, or "", in which case no override will occur,
  • format - printf style format string
  • ... - printf style varargs list to print



Persistent messages are associated with an effect handle until explicitly cleared by an effect. So if an error message is posted the error state, and associated message will persist and be displayed on the effect appropriately. (eg: draw a node in red on a node based compostor and display the message when clicked on).

If messageType is error or warning, associated error states should be flagged on host applications. Posting an error message implies that the host cannot proceeed, a warning allows the host to proceed, whilst a simple message should have no stop anything.