OfxMessageSuiteV2::message — Post a transient message on the host, using printf style varargs. Same as the V1 message suite call.


#include "ofxMessage.h" 
OfxStatus (*message) ( void * handle ,
  const char * messageType ,
  const char * messageId ,
  const char * format ,
  ... ) ;


  • handle - effect handle (descriptor or instance) the message should be associated with, may be null
  • messageType - string describing the kind of message to post, one of the kOfxMessageType constants
  • messageId - plugin specified id to associate with this message. If overriding the message in XML resource, the message is identified with this, this may be NULL, or "", in which case no override will occur,
  • format - printf style format string
  • ... - printf style varargs list to print