OfxParametricParameterSuiteV1::parametricParamAddControlPoint — Adds a control point to the curve.


#include "ofxParametricParam.h" 
OfxStatus (*parametricParamAddControlPoint) ( OfxParamHandle param ,
  int curveIndex ,
  double time ,
  double key ,
  double value ,
  bool addAnimationKey ) ;


  • param - handle to the parametric parameter
  • curveIndex - which dimension to set
  • time - the time to set the value at
  • key - key of the control point
  • value - value of the control point
  • addAnimationKey - if the param is an animatable, setting this to true will force an animation keyframe to be set as well as a curve key, otherwise if false, a key will only be added if the curve is already animating.


This will add a new control point to the given dimension of a parametric parameter. If a key exists sufficiently close to 'key', then it will be set to the indicated control point.