OfxParametricParameterSuiteV1::parametricParamSetNthControlPoint — Modifies an existing control point on a curve


#include "ofxParametricParam.h" 
OfxStatus (*parametricParamSetNthControlPoint) ( OfxParamHandle param ,
  int curveIndex ,
  double time ,
  int nthCtl ,
  double key ,
  double value ,
  bool addAnimationKey ) ;


  • param - handle to the parametric parameter
  • curveIndex - which dimension to set
  • time - the time to set the value at
  • nthCtl - the control point to modify
  • key - key of the control point
  • value - value of the control point
  • addAnimationKey - if the param is an animatable, setting this to true will force an animation keyframe to be set as well as a curve key, otherwise if false, a key will only be added if the curve is already animating.


This modifies an existing control point. Note that by changing key, the order of the control point may be modified (as you may move it before or after anther point). So be careful when iterating over a curves control points and you change a key.