OfxParameterSuiteV1::paramGetValue — Gets the current value of a parameter,


#include "ofxParam.h" 
OfxStatus (*paramGetValue) ( OfxParamHandle paramHandle ,
  ... ) ;


  • paramHandle - parameter handle to fetch value from
  • ... - one or more pointers to variables of the relevant type to hold the parameter's value


This gets the current value of a parameter. The varargs ... argument needs to be pointer to C variables of the relevant type for this parameter. Note that params with multiple values (eg Colour) take multiple args here. For example...

OfxParamHandle myDoubleParam, myColourParam;
ofxHost->paramGetHandle(instance, "myDoubleParam", &myDoubleParam);
double myDoubleValue;
ofxHost->paramGetValue(myDoubleParam, &myDoubleValue);
ofxHost->paramGetHandle(instance, "myColourParam", &myColourParam);
double myR, myG, myB;
ofxHost->paramGetValue(myColourParam, &myR, &myG, &myB);

\note paramGetValue should only be called from within a kOfxActionInstanceChanged or interact action and never from the render actions (which should always use paramGetValueAtTime).