OfxParameterSuiteV1::paramGetHandle — Retrieves the handle for a parameter in a given parameter set


#include "ofxParam.h" 
OfxStatus (*paramGetHandle) ( OfxParamSetHandle paramSet ,
  const char * name ,
  OfxParamHandle * param ,
  OfxPropertySetHandle * propertySet ) ;


  • paramSet - instance of the plug-in to fetch the property handle from
  • name - parameter to ask about
  • param - pointer to a param handle, the value is returned here
  • propertySet - if not null, a pointer to the parameter's property set will be placed here.


Parameter handles retrieved from an instance are always distinct in each instance. The paramter handle is valid for the life-time of the instance. Parameter handles in instances are distinct from paramter handles in plugins. You cannot call this in a plugin's describe function, as it needs an instance to work on.