OfxParameterSuiteV1::paramDefine — Defines a new parameter of the given type in a describe action


#include "ofxParam.h" 
OfxStatus (*paramDefine) ( OfxParamSetHandle paramSet ,
  const char * paramType ,
  const char * name ,
  OfxPropertySetHandle * propertySet ) ;


  • paramSet - handle to the parameter set descriptor that will hold this parameter
  • paramType - type of the parameter to create, one of the kOfxParamType #defines
  • name - unique name of the parameter
  • propertySet - if not null, a pointer to the parameter descriptor's property set will be placed here.


This function defines a parameter in a parameter set and returns a property set which is used to describe that parameter.

This function does not actually create a parameter, it only says that one should exist in any subsequent instances. To fetch an parameter instance paramGetHandle must be called on an instance.

This function can always be called in one of a plug-in's "describe" functions which defines the parameter sets common to all instances of a plugin.