OfxProgressSuiteV1 — A suite that provides progress feedback from a plugin to an application


#include "ofxProgress.h"
typedef struct OfxProgressSuiteV1 {
  OfxStatus (*progressStart)(void *effectInstance,
                             const char *label);
  OfxStatus (*progressUpdate)(void *effectInstance, double progress);
  OfxStatus (*progressEnd)(void *effectInstance);
} OfxProgressSuiteV1 ;


A plugin instance can initiate, update and close a progress indicator with this suite.

This is an optional suite in the Image Effect API.

API V1.4: Amends the documentation of progress suite V1 so that it is expected that it can be raised in a modal manner and have a "cancel" button when invoked in instanceChanged. Plugins that perform analysis post an appropriate message, raise the progress monitor in a modal manner and should poll to see if processing has been aborted. Any cancellation should be handled gracefully by the plugin (eg: reset analysis parameters to default values), clear allocated memory...

Many hosts already operate as described above. kOfxStatReplyNo should be returned to the plugin during progressUpdate when the user presses cancel.

Suite V2: Adds an ID that can be looked up for internationalisation and so on. When a new version is introduced, because plug-ins need to support old versions, and plug-in's new releases are not necessary in synch with hosts (or users don't immediately update), best practice is to support the 2 suite versions. That is, the plugin should check if V2 exists; if not then check if V1 exists. This way a graceful transition is guaranteed. So plugin should fetchSuite passing 2, (OfxProgressSuiteV2) fetchSuite(mHost->mHost->host, kOfxProgressSuite,2); and if no success pass (OfxProgressSuiteV1) fetchSuite(mHost->mHost->host, kOfxProgressSuite,1);