kOfxPropVersion — Identifies a specific version of a host or plugin.


#include "/ofxCore.h"
#define kOfxPropVersion "OfxPropVersion"


kOfxPropVersion is of type int , and is of variable dimension.

Property Set

This is a property that belongs to the host descriptor (read only), plugin descriptor (read/write).


The default value is "0".

Valid Values

positive integers


Identifies a specific version of a host or plugin.

This is a multi dimensional integer property that represents the version of a host (host descriptor), or plugin (plugin descriptor). These represent a version number of the form '', with each dimension adding another 'dot' on the right.

A version is considered to be more recent than another if its ordered set of values is lexicographically greater than another, reading left to right. (ie: 1.2.4 is smaller than 1.2.6). Also, if the number of dimensions is different, then the values of the missing dimensions are considered to be zero (so 1.2.4 is greater than 1.2).