kOfxPropChangeReason — Indicates why a plug-in changed.


#include "/ofxCore.h"
#define kOfxPropChangeReason "OfxPropChangeReason"


kOfxPropChangeReason is of type ASCII C string , and has only a single dimension.

Property Set

This is a property that belongs to the inArgs parameter on the kOfxActionInstanceChanged action..

Valid Values

this can be...

  • kOfxChangeUserEdited - the user directly edited the instance somehow and caused a change to something, this includes undo/redos and resets
  • kOfxChangePluginEdited - the plug-in itself has changed the value of the object in some action
  • kOfxChangeTime - the time has changed and this has affected the value of the object because it varies over time


Indicates why a plug-in changed.

Argument property for the kOfxActionInstanceChanged action.