kOfxParamPropParent — The name of a parameter's parent group.


#include "/ofxParam.h"
#define kOfxParamPropParent "OfxParamPropParent"


kOfxParamPropParent is of type C string , and has only a single dimension.

Property Set

This is a property that belongs to the plugin parameter descriptor (read/write) and instance (read only),.


The default value is "", which implies the "root" of the hierarchy,.

Valid Values

the name of a parameter with type of kOfxParamTypeGroup


The name of a parameter's parent group.

Hosts that have hierarchical layouts of their params use this to recursively group parameter.

By default parameters are added in order of declaration to the 'root' hierarchy. This property is used to reparent params to a predefined param of type kOfxParamTypeGroup .