kOfxImageEffectPropFieldToRender — Indicates which field is being rendered.


#include "/ofxImageEffect.h"
#define kOfxImageEffectPropFieldToRender "OfxImageEffectPropFieldToRender"


kOfxImageEffectPropFieldToRender is of type string , and has only a single dimension.

Property Set

This is a property that belongs to the a read only in argument property to kOfxImageEffectActionRender and kOfxImageEffectActionIsIdentity .

Valid Values

this must be one of

  • kOfxImageFieldNone - there are no fields to deal with, all images are full frame
  • kOfxImageFieldBoth - the imagery is fielded and both scan lines should be renderred
  • kOfxImageFieldLower - the lower field is being rendered (lines 0,2,4...)
  • kOfxImageFieldUpper - the upper field is being rendered (lines 1,3,5...)


Indicates which field is being rendered.