By default the following parameter types animate...

  • kOfxParamTypeInteger
  • kOfxParamTypeInteger2D
  • kOfxParamTypeInteger3D
  • kOfxParamTypeDouble
  • kOfxParamTypeDouble2D
  • kOfxParamTypeDouble3D
  • kOfxParamTypeRGBA
  • kOfxParamTypeRGB

The following types cannot animate...

  • kOfxParamTypeGroup
  • kOfxParamTypePage
  • kOfxParamTypePushButton

The following may animate, depending on the host. Properties exist on the host to check this. If the host does support animation on them, then they do _not_ animate by default. They are...

  • kOfxParamTypeCustom
  • kOfxParamTypeString
  • kOfxParamTypeBoolean
  • kOfxParamTypeChoice

By default the OfxParameterSuiteV1::paramGetValue will get the 'current' value of the parameter. To access values in a potentially animating parameter, use the OfxParameterSuiteV1::paramGetValueAtTime function.

Keys can be manipulated in a parameter using a variety of functions, these are...