Defining Clips

During an the effect's describe in context action an effect must define the clips mandated for that context, it can also define extra clips that it may need for that context. It does this using the OfxImageEffectSuiteV1::clipDefine function, the property handle returned by this function is purely for definition purposes only. It has not persistance outside the describe in context action and is distinct to the clip property handles used by instances. The name parameter is how you can later access that clip in a plugin instance via the OfxImageEffectSuiteV1::clipGetHandle function.

During the describe in context action, the plugin sets properties on a clip to control its use. The properties that can be set during a describe in context call are...

Plugins must indicate which pixel depths they can process by setting the kOfxImageEffectPropSupportedPixelDepths on the plugin handle during the describe action.

Pixel Aspect Ratios, frame rates, fielding, components and pixel depths are constant for the duration of a clip, they cannot changed from frame to frame.