Image Effect API Header Files

The header files used to define the OFX Image Effect API are...

  • ofxCore.h - provides the core definitions of the general OFX architecture that allow the bootstrapping of specific APIs, as well as several core actions,
  • ofxProperty.h - provides generic property fetching suite used to get and set values about objects in the API,
  • ofxParam.h - provides the suite for defining user visible parameters to an effect,
  • ofxMultiThread.h - provides the suite for basic multi-threading capabilities,
  • ofxInteract.h - provides the suite that allows a plug-in to use OpenGL to draw their own interactive GUI tools,
  • ofxKeySyms.h - provides key symbols used by 'Interacts' to represent keyboard events,
  • ofxMemory.h - provides a simple memory allocation suite,
  • ofxMessage.h - provides a simple messaging suite to communicate with an end user,
  • ofxImageEffect.h - defines a suite and set of actions that draws all the above together to create an visual effect plug-in.

These contain the suite definitions, property definitions and action definitions that are used by the API.