Plug-in Binaries and Required Symbols

OFX plug-ins are distributed as dynamically loadable shared libraries, the exact format is dependant upon the host operating system and is defined below. Each such binary can contain one or more OFX plug-ins .The whole set of OFX APIs bootstrap from two symbols inside a plug-in, these are OfxGetNumberOfPlugins and OfxGetPlugin.


int OfxGetNumberOfPlugins(void)
This function returns the number of plug-ins inside the given binary. This will be the first function called by a host after initially loading the binary.


OfxPlugin * OfxGetPlugin(int nth)
This function returns an OfxPlugin struct which defines the nth plug-in to the host. The data structure returned should point to a static chunk of memory in the plug-in, as the host will make no attempt to free the returned data structure when the plug-in is unloaded. Typically this will be the called multiple times by the host, once for each plug-in that the plug-in says it contains.